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VFS Global Bangladesh: Italy Work Visa Applicants Can Submit Photocopies of Passports

VFS Global Bangladesh announced today (28 May 2024 ) via their verified Facebook page that applicants for Italy work visas are no longer required to submit their original passports during the initial application phase. Instead, scanned copies and photocopies will be accepted, significantly reducing the inconvenience and delays caused by holding passports for extended periods.

New Application Procedure

According to the official statement from VFS Global Bangladesh, when applying for an Italy Work Visa, applicants will need to submit their passports only for scanning and photocopying. The original passports will be returned to the applicants immediately. If the visa is approved, the applicants must submit the original passport again for the final issuance of the visa.

This change aims to streamline the application process and minimize the time applicants are without their passports, a common issue that has caused significant delays and inconveniences in the past. “The passport was supposed to be delivered on 16 August last year after submission on 27 March. Either return the passport or travel to another country. How long will I wait for a visa?” commented an applicant named Mahbub on VFS Global’s Facebook page.

Addressing Delays and Fraud

Italian Ambassador to Bangladesh Antonio Alessandro recently addressed the issue of visa delays, attributing them to the submission of forged documents, counterfeit working permits, and fraudulent applications. These issues have significantly slowed down the visa processing time. To combat this, the embassy has emphasized the importance of following official procedures and not paying for work permits or visas outside of the official fees.

“We only take small taxes and processing fees, so applicants should not pay anyone for buying work permits, procuring visas, or getting an appointment. The services are free except for these fees,” said Ambassador Alessandro after meeting with State Minister for Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment Shofiqur Rahman Choudhury.

Streamlining the Process

The new policy introduced by VFS Global Bangladesh is expected to significantly improve the visa application process by reducing the backlog and ensuring that applicants are not without their passports for extended periods. This improvement is particularly important as the Italian embassy in Bangladesh handles a high volume of applications.

State Minister Shofiqur Rahman Choudhury acknowledged the current delays and expressed optimism about future prospects. “There is a delay due to the submission of many applications at a time. Italy can take at least 700,000 workers in the future,” he noted.


The recent changes announced by VFS Global Bangladesh mark a positive step towards a more efficient and user-friendly visa application process for Italy work visas. By allowing the submission of passport photocopies, applicants will experience fewer delays and greater convenience. For more detailed information, applicants are encouraged to visit the VFS Global website.

This update is a testament to the ongoing efforts to improve the visa application experience for Bangladeshi workers seeking opportunities in Italy, ensuring a smoother and more reliable process.

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